Balance Tire


Apollo trans technicians know that new pair of tires are important for you and they should be installed in the rear. If you are buying the one or more new tires, they should be professionally mounted and balanced on your vehicle. Otherwise, it can lead the damage in your vehicle axles, steering or suspension or cause an imbalance. Balancing is a way of equaling weight distribution on a tire/wheel assembly to give your vehicle a smooth ride. Putting the new tires on your new wheels is the process of tire mounting, And bolting the wheel back onto your vehicle. For tire mounting, we have required specialized equipment. At Apollo trans, We follow the latest technology and equipment to perform the right job. We can easily remove your old tires and mount and balance your new pairs so that you can get back on the road without any delay and safely. Compare the mounting, Balancing process can be complex.

How we perform our work

We keep your wheels scratch-free as well as we replace your tires and ensure that they will be mounted properly. We take only 2 or 3 minutes for each tire to mount the tire to the wheel so you can get back on your way again. Tire Services: Mounting and Balancing Our experienced technicians can perform Mounting and Balancing carefully. Mounting and Balancing service include: Removing the old tires from the wheel without any scratch on the wheel We inspect your car's lug nuts Set up new valve stems Mounting new tires to wheels Balancing tires For Brake repair, brake repair shop, AC repair, AC repair shop, tire repair, mount and balance tire, You can visit the site.